BBK bio airclean markets, projects, produces and maintains biofilter solutions for odour removal

The main fields of activity are animal rendering plants, sewage treatment plants, composting facilities and biogas plants but also other types of organic industries can benefit from BBK filters.

The biofilters are built to treat airflows from 500 m3/h to more than 100.000 m3/h. The air filters can be built on the spot with the main structure in concrete, or it can be delivered as a pre-fabricated solution e.g. a cassette or a concrete element tank. Before investing in a biofilter, it is possible to perform a pilot test of the odour removal, so that you can get an evident idea of, which odour improvements it is possible to obtain with a BBK biofilter.


The BBK-biofilter is an environmentally-friendly product that gives the following advantages:

√ Works in accordance with nature’s own premises.
√ Uses only selected naturally occurring micro-organisms.
√ Odorants are converted into water and CO2.
√ High cleaning efficiency.
√ No side effects or waste problems.
√ Reliable and efficient for many years.